The Gateway to Central Africa

Being a ‘gateway’ to Africa is, for the DRC is a highly relevant feature of DRC and Africa’s economy. A closer look at economic interaction with all the ground reserves of the DRC with its neighbouring countries globally is done by MCO, later SNAF holding. In the DRC there is a lack of infrastructure by land, water and air, the gateway role of South Africa has not been analysed systematically before MCO engineered a plan in 2014. This lack of research explains two weaknesses of the discourse on Africa with the DRC as a gateway. Firstly, it is unknown exactly what makes Africa and DRC a gateway. And how DRC can performed in this matter. Even though experts on Africa’s economy can come up with various factors that explain plausibly why Africa with the DRC is a gateway, there is no scientific order in such accounts. Secondly, Africa’s impact as a gateway is not spatially delineated, meaning that no one has specified which African countries are interlinked globally with other countries in the world.

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